Elisabeth Elliot and Calvinism

Jesse Martin inspired me to read after he shared at our staff meeting this past week. So, today I had some free time and I thought that there was no better time then the present. Curtis and I are starting a diet together as soon as he gets back from L.A. so I thought that a book on displine would be a great starter for me. I picked up Elisabeth Elliot’s “Discipline; A Glad Surrender” I got a chapter or two into it and thought to myself, “This is kind of weird, she is refering alot to free will. So, I decided to scam through the upcoming chapters hoping to find a chapter refuting the first chapter. I stumbled on the chapter entitled “A Sovereign God and Free Will” I was horrified to read on and discover that she is not a Calvinist. In fact I was so upset that I called Mo to make sure that I was understanding her rightly. Mo said “Oh yeah, most definity”! So, that was pretty disapointing but on the flip side if it wasn’t for Sean’s messages on Calvinism I definitly would not have picked up on it so quickley. Thank you Sean!-**************************


2 thoughts on “Elisabeth Elliot and Calvinism

  1. You are very welcome. Sorry about the EE disappointment, though I’m even more sorry that most evangelical books out there are free willing. But thankfully God has preserved at least a remnant who love and praise the doctrines of His sovereign grace.

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