Happy Birthday Steph!

So, I know that I said that I would blog about the women’s retreat which I am still planning on doing. However, this blog is dedicated to Steph becuase it is her birthday! So Stephanie……….



Love you Steph!



Off and Running

It is Friday afternoon and in about one hour I will be leaving for Woman’s retreat. This will be the first time since I was pregnant with Hannah. I will readily admit that I am actually excited about going this year. For those who don’t know me I HATE retreats. I just don’t like them! There is one retreat that I like and that is our staff retreat, but other then that…nope. I don’t like being forced to bond with others….especially weeping emotional women! Which is why I actually like staff retreat because we as a staff are already pretty tight. So what is causing me to go this year you might wonder. Well, awhile ago, like, in January, John Zimmer made an annoucement about Woman’s retreat and was speaking to the ladies who don’t like going. He basically said to suck it up and go. As he was making that announcement my husband poke at my ribs and then a girl in front of me ho knew how much I hate retreats turned around and smiled at me. And then after church like three other people mentioned it to me. So I caved in to the Holy Spirits prompting and God using others to make sure that I felt the prompting. But I am excited!! Can you believe this!! I am actually excited about going to a retreat that is not staff retreat!! So, I look foward to returning and blogging about what I have learned through this years retreat!

Enjoying the "MAC" Process

I have to admit, I am REALLY enjoying the process right now. Here I am at home, lounged on the couch with my kids, and I am on our new MacBook Pro and using our wireless internet. This is really a superficial blog but a fun one at least. I just need to figure out how to upload more pics. Life is good right now because God is good all the time, and His blessings flow from His goodness!

Ben’s First Night in his bed

So, yesterday I transfered Ben’s crib into a fancy toddler bed. And he did great during his nap. Bedtime was a little different though. He fell off once but then fell asleep. So, fast foward to 3:30 this morning when Hannah got up to use the bathroom. Curtis went ahead and got up to take her. A few moments later Curtis came back in and told me that I had to come look at my son. I took a picture of what I saw.

We really are perplexed on how this happened. We checked in on them around 11:30pm last night and he was in bed asleep. My brother and Curtis’ sister both walked in their sleep, maybe it is in his genes…makes for a good story though.

My oh my

So since my last post my bible reading is still not where I want it to be. But life has been hetic in the Wentling household as well. Ben had his surgery on March 22 and that was the last time that I read my bible until this week. I was up most nights with my son and so any kind of free time that I had I spent sleeping. My son’s insomia was solved the day that his catheder came out which happened to be a week after his surgery. The very next night my mother-in-law flew in which then I really didn’t have any free time. She left one week later which leads me to this week. All of this to say that it is so frusterating when you have a bible reading plan that you get behind in and you feel like such a moron and you want to just quit and start over. So, I have been reading like three times the amount then what I am scheduled to read. I imagine that I am not the only one who feels this way when they get behind. It is so stupid because it is just the enemy trying to discourage me and put thoughts into my head like “You did fine when you weren’t reading. You don’t even need to read, alot of christians don’t.” Does anyone one else gets these thoughts in their head? I NEVER want to forget how dependant I am on my savior and that I NEED His word in me everyday. It really shoudn’t be an option to not to read, do I have the option to breath….no. Do I have the option to eat…I don’t …unless I want a bad migraine. Is it possible to get to the point where I will get a migraine from not reading my bible? That would be nice, it might drive me more to His word, trembling and weak needing refreshment and nourishment that only comes from Him.