Enjoying the Process yet again

So here it is May this in this month’s post of enjoying the process I wanted to focus on my small group as it will be changing in about three weeks! I absolutley LOVE my small group! Even though I am not sure if all of them are saved, I am so thankful for this particular group of girls! We all get along, there are no dissentions among us! It is so relaxing at small group, and I don’t want it to change. I don’t want Janelle and Kaileigh to leave! Even though I know, just like every other year, that they are going to grow SOO much when they get into their high school groups. It really is a bitter sweet moment, AND I know that I am going to love the girls that I will be getting. It is a very weird thing. This Wednesday is our last small group together and I hope that I don’t start crying at the end! But God is good and has sovereignly ordained for this to happen…and for that I will rejoice! I am also enjoying the process with my kids and my camera. I have been taking oodles upon oodles of pictures. Here are a couple more that I took tonight!


4 thoughts on “Enjoying the Process yet again

  1. I love those pictures of Hannah. She looks like a little lady. I still prefer the flexing picture of Ben, and for everyone who hasn’t gotten the live show, it’s well worth it.

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