Combatting with a Toddler

So, Hannah will three in three weeks and she has fully entered her inquisitive stage of life that will last the rest of her life. Always asking “Why?”. Here is an example that was played out this morning; Hannah was dragging her stool across the bathroom floor creating great noise. “Hannah! You have got to learn to be more quiet!” Hannah’s reply was “Why?” “Because, your brother is sleeping.” “Why?” “Because, he still takes a morning nap.” “Why?” “Because, if he doesn’t, he gets too cranky.” “Why?” “Because, he is tired, when he gets tired, he gets cranky.” “Why?” “I don’t know, I think that he gets it from your daddy:).” “Why?” “Because, parents pass certain traits down to their kids.” “Why?” “It is called genetics, we pass our genes down to our offspring.” “Why?” “Because, that is one of the ways that we can tell that we are family.” “Why?” “Why what Hannah?” “Why families?” “Because, that is one of the orders that God has placed on earth, along with church and government.” She then replied “Oh, okay.” And that was the end. Oh how I am looking forward to another 20 years of this!!


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