Not Again……..

I can’t believe this is happening again……college football season. It starts on Saturday which means this is all that my husband will be talking about until the NCAA championship in January. And it will infiltrate in every other conversation, such as small groups, staff meetings, dinner with friends, talking to John Zimmer and visiting with family….it will all rotate around college football season! It is very sad. AND what almost makes me sick is that Curtis’ enthusiasm is passed onto ME!!! I just spent 30min on ESPN looking at their picks for each conference and thinking to myself that Michigan will prove everyone wrong. It makes me sick….sick…..sick….sick.


Selling a Story

I actually read this story from a link from another blog. It is SO funny! And the funniest part about it is that her stupid Pokemon cards are bidding currently for over $100 just from the story behind the purchasing of the cards. Here is the link for it.



Here was Hannah this past Thursday night. She had been SO excited about her up coming “Pooh Party”. I told her that she has to be patient and wait until Sunday for her birthday party. She looked at me and said in the saddest most pathetic voice possible okay and then preceded to wait.

Gone with the Wind

No, I am not referring to the movie (although I have watched it recently) But no, I am referring to the tooth that has been continually testing me since July 21! After a day full of crying (not due to any pain) it came out approximately at 3:57pm!! No pain, just soreness! As I was laying back in the dental chair I though to myself…….this is GREAT!! I was relaxed due to the Nitric-Oxide, numb from the novicane, no kids were around asking me why, and a nice cool breeze was flowing the exam room!! It was like a hour long vacation! The Hygentist mentioned that she had never seen anyone so excited about getting a tooth pulled….excited?? I wasn’t excited…I was ecstatic!!! So, here I am, I have gauze soaking up the oozing blood, which is gross, but atlas….no pain from here on out!

Mint anyone?

So, as everyone knows that I have been in constant pain since the 21st of July. Nothing has really helped, I have been taking 2 Tylenol and 2 Advil every four hours and that only brings the pain level down but doesn’t eliminate it. And I have basically been drinking Benzacaine (Ambysol) to help take the sting off as well, and as I have mentioned in previous post, it has been frustrating. I have been desperate enough to even consider buying some whiskey to dab on the tooth as a numbing agent! Well, as God’s providence would have it the liquor stores were closed, and the pharmacy didn’t have any clove oil that also works as a numbing agent. Discouraged, we came home and started to do random things. When Curtis came across some old mint extract in the cupboard and noticed that it read 90% alcohol as an active ingredient. He told me that I should try it just to see. So, I did, and it took that pain instantly and completely away!! Who would have thought?? Mint extract of all things!! It doesn’t last too long, but it still takes the pain away!! Hallelujah!!!

Four Years Ago

Today is mine and Curtis’ fourth anniversary!! It somewhat of a paradox because it seems like we have been married forever, and yet it seems like we just got married! I still remember every detail of the day leading up to the wedding. I love being married, I understand why God said it is not good for man to be alone, and why this is one of the most cherished institutes that God has established. I love my husband dearly, and cannot imagine my life without him!