I have WHAT??

I have been sick…well, it feels like forever. I finally went to the doctor’s office today and she told me that I came down with a sinus infection while suffering from Bronchitis. So, I was sick and then got a completely different infection while being sick! I didn’t even know that it was possible?!? Especially since I was already on antibiotics! So, the doctor hooked me up with steroids, antibiotics, and two cough suppressants(one narcotic and one not). Fun stuff. I should be feeling better within five days. She advised me to stay “underground” and to “lay it low” until then. So, if you don’t see me around….that is what is going on!


Hannah’s New Hat

I bought two new hats from Just for Kids yesterday and Hannah didn’t want to take this one off, and of course she needed her pictures taken!

The Death of the Family

As most of you who would read my blog know, we don’t have television. So, any of our favorite shows/football games we watch via the internet. It is great, there are limited commercials that last only 30 seconds! While I was watching a program online they previewed the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country. Of course the model that they showed was fully loaded….all of the bells and whistles that you could imagine! One of the features that they are marketing is that everyone can basically do their own thing without bothering the others riding in the vehicle. The driver and passenger in the front could listen to their own music through headphones. The two captain seats behind the front had, of course, a DVD player with headphones for two. Finally, the bench seat in back also had an entertainment device so that passengers could play video games while riding in the back. Everyone is left to their own devices. This really saddens me. There is little to no human interaction with each other. What is happening to the family? It has been slowly dying. Growing up in my family we would drive down to Disneyland almost on a yearly basis and also to Idaho. We would play road games together, talk, catch up with each other, family bonding time at it’s best! This notion is definitely not portrayed in the auto industry today. I can imagine not too far off that everyone in a vehicle will have their own single “bubble” where no one will have to deal with any one else, ever again.