Lung Power

I am still sick! Under the advise of my dentist I went back to the doctor this past Monday. She walked into the exam room and asked me if I had been getting tired a lot. I responded that I am always tired. “No”, she said “I mean are you getting winded by doing normal activities?” I answered yes. Then she asked me if I want to know why. I responded yes. She told me that because I have been sick with Bronchitis and a sinus infection for so long that my lungs had weakened. She told me that I was down to using 57% of my normal lung capacity. She also told me that I have to decrease my activities. No shopping, no exercising, no exerting myself period! And she has me on a regiment of new medications, more steroids, and more inhalers. I really want to get better!


Survival of the Fittest

So today is “black Friday” and for the first time ever I went out to shop the sales! I was actually pretty excited. My mom came over at 3:30am and we headed to our first store that opened at 4am! How CRAZY! The line outside the store was at least 1/4 mile long. We definitely spent more time in line to get in the store then we actually spent in the store. Next stop……WALMART!!! This was going to be more challenging. I have heard horror stories from the past of people getting trampled upon entering the store. To my surprise Walmart was already opened and all of their specials were covered until the right time. I went to my section for the special and even though it was 30 minutes until 5am there was already a crowd! I am tough though, definitely not thin skinned….I was ready! I got my item with no problems but then decided to check some movies out which meant I would have to go through the dreaded electronics section. This was a HUGE mistake! I guess that I am too nice, I got stuck in the middle of an isle for about twenty minutes with no movement anywhere. If you remember in disaster movies there is usually a shot of the freeways cluttered with abandoned vehicles, well, at Walmart it was the same scene except for people abandoned their shopping carts rather then vehicles. So, here I am done with my shopping at 10am! I am feeling pretty accomplished! My mom and I went to 7 stores within a few hours and survived!! Fun stuff, I think that we might do it again next year!

A Whirlwind of a Week

What a crazy week it has been, but it has been great! Ben turned two yesterday! That is crazy! My baby is now two! I love Ben so much! He has been my most challenging one of my two, but there has been great blessings and rewards from the challenge! For anyone who knows Ben, he has never been “a baby” He came out of the hospital a man! You can see it in the way that he crawled, responded to males and females, the way he slept, and the way he would stretch back and relax! He is now VERY dramatic! He can’t have a normal response to anything, in everything he over dramatizes, but he makes us laugh when he does it! He loves to be up early and requires little sleep. He is a process person all the way and likes to work things out with his hands. He is also a huge tease, and shows his love physically to those he loves deeply. He is such a joy! Here are some pictures from the week and from his “Go Blue” birthday party!

And to top it all off…..

I am still sick! I still have Bronchitis and a sinus infection, but I have been managing. Well, I haven’t been hearing that well lately and I thought that it was due to the sinus infection so I didn’t think anything of it, however on Wednesday my right ear starting itching….I still didn’t think too much of it. Last night that all changed….my ear got to be very painful and when I woke up I couldn’t hear anything out of my right ear except for a ringing sound, and of course the pain got worse. So, off to the walk-in clinic we go, where my two toddlers and I waited for over 2 hours!! Just as I expected I have an ear infection to go along with the other two infections my body is currently trying to fight off. The doctor told me that basically my right ear is swollen shut. That’s nice to hear! I don’t think that this will EVER END! It is crazy!