Survival of the Fittest

So today is “black Friday” and for the first time ever I went out to shop the sales! I was actually pretty excited. My mom came over at 3:30am and we headed to our first store that opened at 4am! How CRAZY! The line outside the store was at least 1/4 mile long. We definitely spent more time in line to get in the store then we actually spent in the store. Next stop……WALMART!!! This was going to be more challenging. I have heard horror stories from the past of people getting trampled upon entering the store. To my surprise Walmart was already opened and all of their specials were covered until the right time. I went to my section for the special and even though it was 30 minutes until 5am there was already a crowd! I am tough though, definitely not thin skinned….I was ready! I got my item with no problems but then decided to check some movies out which meant I would have to go through the dreaded electronics section. This was a HUGE mistake! I guess that I am too nice, I got stuck in the middle of an isle for about twenty minutes with no movement anywhere. If you remember in disaster movies there is usually a shot of the freeways cluttered with abandoned vehicles, well, at Walmart it was the same scene except for people abandoned their shopping carts rather then vehicles. So, here I am done with my shopping at 10am! I am feeling pretty accomplished! My mom and I went to 7 stores within a few hours and survived!! Fun stuff, I think that we might do it again next year!


4 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest

  1. I think you are crazy! Why on earth would you want to be around crazy people like that? There is no way you are going find me out on “Black Friday” morning for those “deals.” It takes a special person to put up with other people’s sinful covetousness, and I am not one of them!I am glad that you are such a patient person, Bek! It definitely makes life better!

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