Would God not be Glorified?

My hear weeps for Andrew & Grace Mark this morning. So many life changing decisions to make, decisions that I cannot even fathom. As I lifted them up in prayer this morning, I felt myself debating with God about His ways. I found myself praying that God would completely heal Andrew of all of his cancer from his whole body. And then asking God ‘Wouldn’t that bring You the most glory? Wouldn’t a complete healing make the doctors fall on their knees in reverence and wonder of You? God, wouldn’t You be MOST glorified if You would heal Andrew Mark. I know that You are able and willing to do so. What’s stopping You? Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if You would just heal him?’
I am glad that God doesn’t swallow up people anymore. How often I forget that God’s ways are not my ways, His plans are not mine. And it is actually a better thing that He does do it His own way. Would God be glorified if He healed Andrew, yep, but maybe He would be most glorified if He took Andrew home. I don’t know, He doesn’t need to discuss with me why He chooses what to do. God answers prayers when our will is aligned with His, maybe we are praying for the wrong thing, the wrong direction. Sorry, that this post isn’t the clearest, but it is my heart right now.


Kids Crafts

We went to Michael’s Craft Store tonight with my parents and ended up buying these kid trays and then took them home and stenciled them with paints. The kids had a lot of fun with the paints! Here are the finished results!