Checking In

Hey Everyone! Well, we made to Ohio safely and are having a great time!! Yesterday we went to the Toledo Zoo, which is apparently one of the top ten zoos in the US, that was really fun. Today we headed up to Ann Arbor Michigan to get a glimpse of the University of Michigan. The football stadium is under construction right now and we couldn’t see anything! Oh well, we could still feel being in the presence of greatness! We also went to a local mall and stocked up on all of our Michigan gear for the next year. Curtis seems to go hog wild when he is in a U of M store. Today we probably spent over an hour in this little dinky store as he tried to narrow down what he exactly wanted. We have a busy weekend ahead of us with other family driving in but I just wanted to say hi. We are planning on leaving Tuesday, June 24 and then heading up to Minnesota to go to the Mall of America, and then heading down through Yellow Stone National Park. Lord willing we will be back Sunday or Monday. So, I will give a recap when I get back on all of the adventures that we have come across!


2 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. I find it strange when people visit stadiums – especially stadiums that are under construction. Do you hug the stadium? Sit in it? Look at it? But, I’m glad you are outfitted for the year 🙂

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