More Pictures from our Recent Trip

Here are some more pictures from our trip to Ohio and Illinois. There is also a few shots of the Mall of America and Wall Drug Store(the biggest drug store in the world)


I have always had…..

….great pregnancies. So why I ask, am I puking my guts out nearly every day? YUCK!!! I am NOT complaining, I am actually very thankful that I am feeling the effects of this pregnancy. I would much rather be sick then not be feeling anything at all. But it is still very inconvenient, I am basically stuck at home because who really wants to puke in public with two toddlers with you. So, I am thankful that I am sick, but I also hate it…’s a love-hate relationship. That is all I wanted to say really. Bye for now

Secrets are Pointless with me!

I hate secrets! I cannot for the life of me keep them! When I buy someone a present such as Christmas, I want to tell them right away! So, I don’t know what I was thinking when I was trying to keep my pregnancy a secret! I kept it a secret for 10 days of finding out, and even within those ten days I told like ten people. I know that I am like this which is why I didn’t want to take any kind of pregnancy test until I was a few months along so that way I could answer honestly that I didn’t know or not, but because of my two mis-carriages my doctor told me that I needed to test right away so that they could get some meds in me to help the fetus along. So, I ‘came out’ yesterday after my mom asked me directly if I was or not. Now I am trying to cover all of my bases so that I don’t leave anyone out 🙂 It is official I am 7 weeks pregnant and my estimated due date is February 24 or 26 thus far. I have my first ultrasound August 1, and we are not planning on finding out what we are having. We will have to see on that, because I also hate surprises, but I will try to be strong!

Please be praying for the next week specifically because my last two mis-carriages happened between week 7 & 8 and that is where I am at right now! I am hoping and praying that if I can get over this hump it will be clear sailing like my other two pregnancies! Thanks everyone!

Yellowstone and the Tetons

So, to continue where I left off the following day after the Badlands we headed to Wyoming to go see Yellowstone. It was beautiful just as we expected! When we first entered the park we were surrounded by all of these trees that were burned in a recent fire. We are talking about thousands of acres here! It was sad to see God’s nature destroyed! I came to find out later through a salesperson that most of the fires are started by lightening and that they don’t stop the fires or even try to contain them. When I asked her why she told me that it was healthy for the forest to clear out the big trees and let smaller brush grow back. Interesting but totally made sense. If you look behind Curtis and Ben you can see the dead trees.

Because there was no ground cover we didn’t see any animals until we left all of the burned trees. It didn’t take long though before we spotted our first wild animal which just happened to be one of the biggest animals in the park, the Buffalo. He was laying down by the side of the road all by himself, perfect picture opportunity!
I won’t show you pictures of all of the animals that we saw but we also saw deer, a coyote, more buffalo, elk, a pelican, and a mommy moose with her calf! My favorite part of Yellow Stone was that I got to see extremely up close Buffalo herds crossing the road and the right in front of me!! I took a 4 minute video of it but I can’t figure out how to upload it so you will just have to ask me for it!

Next stop was the Grand Tetons National Park This was Curtis’ favorite stop on the trip! And I must admit that they were amazing! These grand mountains seem to go right into the water!

It was simply beautiful! Well, I guess that will do it for this post. I just realized that I haven’t posted any pictures of the road trip and Ohio itself so, I guess that will have to be my next post….until then…..


Thanks to Andy Bowers’ help we returned home around 4:30 this morning! Even though I have loads of laundry to do and the fact that it is super hot right now….there is n other place I would rather be! It was such an amazing trip!

We were in Ohio for a week and left on the 24th. The night that we left Hannah decided that it was a good time to get sick and threw up many times in the car. With the help of my dad and Curtis we made it through the night! The next morning we were at the Mall of America and spent the day there. That mall has EVERY store that one could think of! And that is not including the theme park, aquarium, mini-golf, and Lego-Land! We started the day out slow because Hannah had just thrown up at breakfast and I was not feeling well at this point. We, however, ended really strong even convincing the kids to ride a few rides at the theme park.

After that we drove through the night in order that we could reach Badlands National Park, South Dakota by the morning. That ended up to be really sweet! We spent a lot longer there then we had anticipated! Here are some pictures from the Badlands!

Oops, I forgot! When we were traveling through the night we hit a huge electrical storm that lasted for hours. It was continuous lighting like one right on top of another. It is really hard to describe but imagine that you are super famous and you arrive at a red carpet event. When you step out of your car, all of the flashbulbs from cameras start to illuminate the sky! It was so crazy that we had to pull over and wait it out because it was so bright we couldn’t see where we were going!

Also, at the Badlands, I got my first bug bite. I had a horse fly bite me and drew blood! Apparently, horse flies are pretty nasty and vicious. So, somehow the bite spread and now I have bumps all over my ankle. Ok, I think that is enough for now. I will type more later about visiting Yellow Stone and the Tetons. Until then………