Secrets are Pointless with me!

I hate secrets! I cannot for the life of me keep them! When I buy someone a present such as Christmas, I want to tell them right away! So, I don’t know what I was thinking when I was trying to keep my pregnancy a secret! I kept it a secret for 10 days of finding out, and even within those ten days I told like ten people. I know that I am like this which is why I didn’t want to take any kind of pregnancy test until I was a few months along so that way I could answer honestly that I didn’t know or not, but because of my two mis-carriages my doctor told me that I needed to test right away so that they could get some meds in me to help the fetus along. So, I ‘came out’ yesterday after my mom asked me directly if I was or not. Now I am trying to cover all of my bases so that I don’t leave anyone out 🙂 It is official I am 7 weeks pregnant and my estimated due date is February 24 or 26 thus far. I have my first ultrasound August 1, and we are not planning on finding out what we are having. We will have to see on that, because I also hate surprises, but I will try to be strong!

Please be praying for the next week specifically because my last two mis-carriages happened between week 7 & 8 and that is where I am at right now! I am hoping and praying that if I can get over this hump it will be clear sailing like my other two pregnancies! Thanks everyone!


4 thoughts on “Secrets are Pointless with me!

  1. hahahahahha!you are so funny. good job on the 10 days…well, not really, i guess. 🙂 so what meds? did you have to start progesterone? we will keep praying here, for sure.i’m just glad that you’re due far enough away from me that there can’t possibly be a competition in your mind this time around. 🙂

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