So, as different as this pregnancy has been one thing has been consistent….bed rest. For all three of my pregnancies I have at some time been put on bed rest. With Hannah I was on bed rest for one day and one day only and that day just happened to be our one year anniversary! With Ben I was on bed rest for two full days before I had to go to the hospital. And now with child number three I am on modified bed rest for at least the rest of this week, at least it is not complete bed rest like the others were.

In case you are wondering Bekah, why are you on bed rest. Yesterday I decided that I wanted to go work out and after five minutes on being on the elliptical machine I started feeling some cramping so I got off and went to the bathroom only to discovered that I was bleeding pretty heavily. After getting the bleeding under control I woke Curtis up from his nap and told him what was going on. I then went on line to do some research on when to call the doctor, and then after ten minutes I went back to the bathroom only to now discover that the bleeding had completely stopped. I was pretty relieved and confused at the same time. I decided to call the doctor and the on call doctor told me that I had probably broken a capillary blood vessel near my cervix, so, I am now on modified bed rest. No exercise, no cleaning, no sex, no vacuuming, no heavy lifting including my kids, and try to lay down as much as I can. But I can still cook, drive, and almost everything else. So, that is what is going on. Today, we are having a movie day and tomorrow starts are busy week once again!


Where were you on 9/11

I remember that I was on my way to work listening to Jazz on NPR news when they interrupted my program with a news bulletin, shortly after that my friend Jessica called me and told me what happened and to see if I had talked to any of the navy guys on board of the USS Lincoln. I must admit that I didn’t understand the gravity of what the news or my friend was describing. I was only 21 and absorbed in my own little world, concerning my own little family and my own little friends. It wasn’t until I arrived at the Ophthalmology office where I worked and saw the streaming video’s online where it hit me, and even then it didn’t effect me the way it effects me now. 2,751 lost their lives that day. Many things have changed since that day, the US is no longer ignorant of terrorist like we seemed to have been before. The radical Islamic put Christians to shame in their devotion to Allah, they seem to show more devote passion and commitment to their god, and are willing to die and kill innocent people to show their love and devotion to Allah, and to punish those who don’t believe in Allah. Two years later the US waged war upon terrorist and have been fighting that war since. I remember thanking God for a president that wasn’t hasty in his decision to go to war. The US have lost 3,376 soldiers in combat since the beginning of the war. That is only 625 more the we lost on 9/11, they are making sure that what happened then, won’t happened again. Reflections on this particular day serves as a good reminder to be thankful for our government, those who serve our country in the military, those who gave their lives on that day, thankfulness to God that He is sovereign over all things, and that He has already won the battle!

Why I love Fall

So I know that I am completely copying Lisa Martin but I think that it is a good idea to be thankful in every season!

Fall is by far my favorite season. I love the cooler temperature, snuggling up in sweaters and jeans.

I love the changing colors of the trees.

I love trimming back all of my plants. I love hot cocoa.

I love Turkey around Thanksgiving. I love the Thanksgiving holiday!

I love the foggy mornings that burn off into sunny but cool afternoons.

I love college football, especially Michigan Wolverines! GO BLUE!!

I love watching soccer games in the afternoons! I love how at Grace, everything starts up again, all of the ministries that took the summer off begin again and the campus is hopping! What a great season fall is!

Hannah’s Big Day

So today Hannah entered into the next phase of her life. This phase will occupy the next 13 years of her life…yes…school! Today was her first day of pre-school at Grace Academy. She had no problems leaving me, in fact I hung up her coat and went to turn around, she had already gone to her desk and started coloring a picture. It was a little disapointing, I was expecting a little bit of clinging. After 2 1/2 hours of schooling I picked her up and asked Kathy Hawke how she did. Kathy said that Hannah just jabbered away, talked, talked, talked, and then talked some more. Now if you guys know Hannah at all, she is not a talker unless she is in an extremely comfortable setting. So here are her pictures from me waking her up with a flash to Tim Lugg taking a family picture! It was great!!