Hannah’s Big Day

So today Hannah entered into the next phase of her life. This phase will occupy the next 13 years of her life…yes…school! Today was her first day of pre-school at Grace Academy. She had no problems leaving me, in fact I hung up her coat and went to turn around, she had already gone to her desk and started coloring a picture. It was a little disapointing, I was expecting a little bit of clinging. After 2 1/2 hours of schooling I picked her up and asked Kathy Hawke how she did. Kathy said that Hannah just jabbered away, talked, talked, talked, and then talked some more. Now if you guys know Hannah at all, she is not a talker unless she is in an extremely comfortable setting. So here are her pictures from me waking her up with a flash to Tim Lugg taking a family picture! It was great!!


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