Well, I FINALLY felt the baby move today!! I am 20 weeks pregnant and I have another ultrasound tomorrow. This baby is three weeks behind in the movement area, but of well, I will take it! Fears are put to ease at last!



I am now 18 1/2 weeks pregnant and so far haven’t felt this baby move at all! Not once. I had an ultrasound this past Friday, and I was really nervous about it. All of these “what if'”s had been entering my mind. What if there is no heart beat anymore? What if there is a heart beat but the baby isn’t moving? What if there are two babies in there and they are both not moving? The lists went on and on. I am continually amazed how easy it is for Satan to put those kind of thoughts in your mind. Thoughts of doubt, thoughts of my own lack of faith, doubting God’s providence and His goodness. Every time those thoughts enter my mind I try to battle them with the truth of Philippians 4:8. Bekah what is true. The truth is that I haven’t felt any movement. Another truth is that God will not give me ANYTHING that I can not handle. God is and will always be GOD! The rest of life are opportunities given to show Him glory. What great reminders!

Well, the ultrasound went fine. Everything looks normal. My child was in no way cooperating. I have to go back in on October 17 to get better pictures. She said (the technician that is) that even if we wanted to find out what we are having (which we don’t) that there was no way she would have been able to tell.

Everything else has been the same around here. Hannah enjoys going to pre-school and mommy enjoys trying to figure what Hannah is saying about, pre-school. Ben has been picking up a lot of sentences, and it is fun listening to him talk. He still has no interest what-so-ever to potty train, but that time will come, hopefully before February! Curtis is entering his last quarter of his schooling. Soon he will be completely done! I think that we are all excited for that day to come!! Other than that our days are filled with its comings and goings, and that’s about it! I will post again soon!