Fun Fair 2008

So, we don’t really celebrate Halloween but we love dressing the kids up in costumes. Every year our church hosts a “Fun Fair” filled with games, food, candy, a bouncy house, and some kind of drop near the ed (balloon drop, leaf drop, etc). This year was our first year going, the kids were pretty excited! Hannah dressed up as a ‘Fairy Snow Princess’ while Ben was, of course, a Michigan Wolverine football player. The kids had a blast! They went into the bouncy house 3 or 4 times, the petting zoo twice and played some other toddler games. Here are some pictures from the night. Can’t until next year!


3 thoughts on “Fun Fair 2008

  1. oh my gosh! is that amillia?!?!?! she is huge!!! how is that the same little teeny baby from a few months ago? hallie better not get that big. (lol)your kids look super cute! my children, as you can see in the picture there, went in very fancy costumes, dressed as a six year old girl and a almost-three year old boy, both with strong giordano clothing influences. i worked hard on those costumes. 🙂

  2. Bekah! Your kiddos have gotten so big. I had no idea that Hannah was in pre-school now…. You have a pre-schooler! That is awesome! I hope #3 is being a little bit nicer to you and letting you eat! Thanks for the blog recommendation! I love reading blogs! Lord willing we will be home for 2 weeks at the end of December! So hopefully I will see you then!

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