Comparing Baby Pictures!

So this is kind of the same idea that Curtis had but I have more pictures to choose from. Here are all three kids right after birth and then at two weeks old. I think that they all look completely different. What do y’all think?

Here is everyone at 2 weeks old


5 thoughts on “Comparing Baby Pictures!

  1. Who is that Irish/Scottish child at the end of the two week old pictures? Is that really Phoebe? WoW! I guess those genes would be from your side of the family!

  2. They definitely look like siblings, but with their own variations on the same mold! I think photos after age 6 weeks really start to show what they will look like later in life. Praise God for your beautiful little ones!

  3. i agree with ryan. they look pretty similar right after birth, but they definately grew into their own person really quickly!! too cute!!

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