opps…I forgot

HA! I forgot to post the pictures!! Silly Bekah! Here they are!



Wowsers!! Where in the world have I been?? Oh, that’s right!! I was on vacation in Lake Chelan!! Some friends of ours at church gave us their condo/timeshare for a whole week!! It was awesome! We went as a family and took my parents along as well. None of us had ever been to Chelan before except for my dad who went fishing there once as a child. We spent the week working on puzzles, taking the kids outside, eating, playing racquetball, Curtis used the gym a few times, and enjoying a nice relaxing break from our normal lives. I got some great pictures that are below. We left for back home on Friday morning almost two hours ahead of schedule, but then lost all of that time by spending over 4 hours in Leavenworth!
Things are still going well here. God is SO GOOD to us. We recently received news that all of our hospital bills that were acquired through having Phoebe were written off by the hospital! They covered 100% of the bills! How awesome is that!! We have a lot to be thankful here in the Wentling household!

So, hopefully I will be back to blogging daily!! I will try my best!

30+1 Week

So, yes, I am 9 weeks pregnant due around the middle of September! We are pretty excited about this since we have been praying to conceive since August. Hannah specifically has been praying for a baby brother. Do you remember on Thursday when I stated that the day had not gone as planned at all. Well, now I can let you know why. We were given via a phone call a due date in late August which would have put me at 12 weeks! That would have been great because I have been feeling great. For all of you moms out there, it is a great feeling to go your first trimester without even feeling like you are pregnant!

So, Thursday morning we went in for an ultrasound and the they couldn’t see or find anything, which is a little scary. She said that it could really be one of three things. 1. I wasn’t pregnant, 2. I was only 5 1/2 weeks not 12, or 3. that I could be having a tubal pregnancy. They scheduled another ultrasound that night with a more powerful scanner. The rest of the day my mind wandered through the potential possibilities, worse case scenarios and how my response should be. I was pretty upset about the potential of a tubal pregnancy because doctors usually tell you to terminate your pregnancy because it is too much of a danger to moms. I was at a cross roads of my faith and my fear. On the way to the appointment I had a chance to talk to my heavenly Father specifically about my fears and of the faith that I should have and the lack of faith that I did have. As it turned out, my fears were all in vain(as usually fears are), I wasn’t at 12 weeks but 9 weeks and the reason why the first ultrasound failed was because of a full bladder on my part. That is my story thus far. We are still up in the air if we will find out the sex of the baby or not. We will have to face that decision in about 9 weeks. As I said earlier, I am feeling great, and I am grateful to God for blessing us with another child! What a great God we serve! And even if I was expecting, or if I had a tubal pregnancy, we still serve a great God!!

30+6- Happy Birthday Baby!!

My baby is now 1 years old! I still refer to her as baby a lot more than I did with the other two and I think that it is because I didn’t know what I was having, so my first bonding moment with Phoebe was while she was still an inside baby and I just called her baby! It still comes out, my baby! Phoebe has been such of a joy to my heart! Her smile is so big and I LOVE her fake laugh! She is still my easiest even though she is more mobile than the other two were. She is just a busy little baby!! Wow, I really can’t believe that she is a year now. I say this with every kid, but WHERE DOES THE TIME GO!?!! Tomorrow we will celebrate her birthday with the rest of my family which will be hilarious! I will be sure to post some pictures but for now let’s look back at some pictures from 1 year ago today!

Oh, did I mention that Phoebe is going to be a big sister?? More on that tomorrow!!


I am about to take off for a small group slumber party/mini-retreat weekend so I will make this short. I love my co-leader Alicia! She has such a passion for truth and expresses it well. I don’t think that our junior high girls appreciate how much time that she spends in pursuit of their souls. More than likely maybe one or two girls will spend the weekend with her, junior high girls don’t understand the importance of life on life. So, yeah, I guess I have a burr in my saddle! I will let you know how everything goes!


Wow, what a day, what a day that I had today! I don’t want to share any details quite yet, but I will in Sunday’s post. I started my day going from complete excitement to complete fear and being filled with anxiety. It is amazing just how quickly circumstances have the potential to steal your joy! I hate that! By the end of the day as I was driving to my last appointment I got to spend some time in prayer telling God specifically what my fears were and how I would praise and trust Him in any outcome that may. I am glad that praying helps me to align my will to God’s, and that brings peace! Praise God!!!


Apparently someone was confused on how old I am because of the 30+1, 30+2. Hopefully, the title speaks for itself, HA!

Do you get excited about heaven?? I never used to be, music plays a big part in my excitement with heaven. We have all heard the descriptions throughout our childhood, the streets of gold, the glassy sea, the mansion filled with rooms for the redeemed, the great white throne, etc, but it is hard to physically imagine. This is where music helps/hinders at least in my case.

The first song that I remember hearing about heaven in is the song “Thank You” by Ray Boltz. I loved that song, that is until I reached high school and realized just how stupid it is to think that while we are in heaven that we would be praising PEOPLE!!! Yeah, like that is going to happen!! It wasn’t until I realized that heaven is NOT for us but for GOD. Why would God create the heavens and the earth, create man, send His Son to redeem man, which is all for HIS GLORY, bring us into heaven to worship Him for all eternity, and just randomly let us focus one one believer to glorify? It makes no sense!! Now that I am 30 🙂 I get what the song could have been saying, that our reward is in heaven. But what a bad way to have it come across.

The next song I remember is D.C. Talk’s “Heavenbound” Any of you remember that one?? I sure do, in fact I think that I could rap out the chorus for you……don’t worry, I won’t. That song actually has nothing to do with Heaven! It makes references to salvation and heaven, but it keeps repeating itself to reach for higher ground. It makes no sense at all, well, it does once you realize that “ground” rhythms with “bound”.

Fast forward to 2001 when Mercy Me song “I can Only Imagine” was released. Boy did that song explode! As good as that song was, it didn’t get me excited at all. It was too much what I was going to be feeling in heaven. I am not going to be thinking in heaven about what I am feeling like. Now granted, I have a feeling that I will be in awe, after all we will be surrounded by God’s glory.

Do you see what I mean? How can you get excited about heaven when you hear this kind of music trying to describe it? It doesn’t make you long for heaven as we ought, it brings heaven down to us. So sad………BUT there is hope and THIS is what gets me excited for heaven!!

In the summer of 2008 a band called “Enfield” released an album called “O, for that Day” for the Resolved Conference. This album gets me ecstatic for heaven, in particular two songs. “Arrived” and “Finally Home” I am not going to tell you about these songs. Listen for yourselves and see if they get your heart thumping and bring a smile to your face! It leaves you wanting to shout. “Hallelujah, we are finally home!” And “No more distractions, no sin left fight. First glimpse of Jesus, and faith becomes sight!” Even those two short lines get me excited! Be excited!! Heaven is going to be awesome! I am heaven-bound!!