Sometimes I Cry

Just when I think I am finally healing from our recent church split, I see pictures of once dear friends whom I haven’t seen in months, and the healing has to start all over again. O Lord, come quickly.



I keep on forgetting to update the blogging world about Isaac. A couple weeks ago we had a few appointments at Seattle Children’s Hospital; Occupational Therapy, Rehab, and a prosthetic surgeon. We went in completely not knowing what to expect. We were pretty sure that we didn’t want him at this point to have a prosthetic. We didn’t want him to feel like he was missing something that had to be replaced.
The first doctor that we saw told us, even before we had mentioned anything, that if we chose the option of a prosthetic that we can’t think of it as a replacement hand/limb, she told us to view it as a tool. Tools are optional that enhance our performances. She gave us the example of a 9 year boy who only used his prosthetic when he went bike riding, and then a college student who only used his for weightlifting. Once we understood it as a tool, we were completely on board! So, as soon as Isaac is sitting independently we will take him back in and have him fitted. I will be sure to post pictures!

We continue to covet your thoughts and prayers! We are amazed almost daily of the gift of Isaac! He is such a joy to have in our family! We are so very thankful that God has chosen us to take on these issues that we would have never planned on! God is so good, faithful, loving and gracious to stretch and give us things that will cause for our growth. Curtis and I are thankful recipients!