So, we are officially in the process of getting Isaac his prosthetic hand. This past week we met with the prosthetic doctor and Isaac had his nub set in a cast so that they can get accurate measurements when they order. Isaac did pretty well. He has happy which meant he was bouncy. They all loved him in spite of him being bouncy and trying to stick everything in his mouth. By the end of the appointment….let’s just say he had a mouth full of plaster! Here are some pictures from they day.


Don’t Know What is Going On!

I am having troubles trying to blog. Pictures aren’t going in the correct spaces, can’t switch things around. Boo-hoo!

On another note, back in December I had a procedure done called Essure. It is a new sterilization procedure that isn’t surgery, you are awake the whole time. Found out yesterday that it worked, and I am now sterile! WAHOO! I went from being “Fertile Myrtle” to “Sterile Merell” It is kind of freeing…..nice. I like to believe that I walked a little taller yesterday…with a little swagger.

Also, Ben wants to learn Greek…yep, that’s right Greek. At first he said he wanted to learn Hebrew and Egyptian..wanted to be like Moses and Joseph. But Greek is a nice alternative. It’s crazy, what 5 year old boy wants to learn Greek? We will see how it goes. I will keep you all posted on how it goes.