Have You Ever…..

Been to the world’s ONLY corn palace???

We have!!! Betcha y’all jealous!



This was actually our second time visiting Mt. Rushmore. The first time however was not a good experience. It was November, cold, and dusk. Hannah was about 3 months old, we were there for a total of 5 minutes! This time it was HOT! We have all four kids with us and it was crowded. We went hiking around the Presidents Trail. It didn’t seem like a bad idea at the time except for on the way back there were about a million stairs, which I had to carry Phoebe the whole time! Yowza! Didn’t get too many pictures because I was sweating too much and about to die!

Wall Drug

From my house it is 1,220 miles until you get to Wall’s Drug in South Dakota. What is Wall’s Drug you may ask. It is only the largest drug store in USA. Hmmm, you might be thinking, “I have never heard of it”. And you wouldn’t unless you were driving on I-90. You see, Wall’s Drug ONLY advertising is road signs on how many miles it is away from a certain destination. On I-90 alone there are signs stretching from Montana to Minnesota. Craziness. We love it there though, it is a nice area to hang out for the day.

Behind the row of shops they have a back yard area that is fully equipped with water spouts everywhere popping up with the music being played,

Here is Phoebe experiencing the spouts!

“Hey! Come back here!”

there is also a stagecoach to ride in,

a mini Mt. Rushmore,

and a large Jackalope.

I would say that this is a must go if you are ever traveling with kids. Definitely worth the trip!

I will post more about our trip in the coming days. Overall we really had a great time!