One of Those Days!

Ever have one of those days where you are battling it out. You vs. a wasp while in your garage. Your choice of weapon is an unopened package of spaghetti. And just as you are about to go for the killer blow…….the package of spaghetti opens up and goes flying through the air landing all over your driveway.

Bekah vs Wasp.

Bekah 0
Wasp 1


Still Behind

I am starting to very slowly catch up with blogging. One bite at a time right?

Hannah is now seven! We had a little tea party for her and a couple of her favorite friends, in which I forgot to take pictures. But one thing I thoroughly enjoy is taking the “birthday” pictures. I was being fed up with paying for my kids pictures professionally, in which my kids would just sit there and cry. So for the past few years I took over and I don’t want to brag but mine are way better!

Here is where I started age 4

Here she is age 5

Age 6 with her Fancy Nancy Doll

And finally age 7.

She is definitely growing in both grace and beauty! Love you my Hannah Banana!