Slowly but Surely

I am finally starting to catch up on blogging. Remember way back in the summer I talked about the family’s ultimate road trip across the states? It might be a stretch to remember….why you might ask? It could be because I only blogged about it once. Yeah, I know, I know, LAME-O.

One tradition that we have tried to keep when we go to Ohio is to make a trip up to our FAVORITE place in the world which is The Big House (aka University of Michigan’s football stadium) Last time that we went, The Big House was under major renovations and nearly everything was under tarps. This time Curtis had set up a personal tour just our family, AND it was awesome!

The stadium is amazing, beautiful, and incredible! We loved every minute of it. We got to go into the locker rooms, the executive suites ($80,000 per season!), press room, and of course the field.

The picture below is of Brock Mealer. I can’t even describe this guy, he is just awesome.

This is the Heisman Trophy for Tom Harmon. Talk about legacy! If you haven’t heard of him, I am sure that you have heard of his son, Mark Harmon. Crazy talented family

The kids had a blast running from one end field to the other. As I watched Ben walk into the end zone, it was an iconic moment for me, one day he could be wearing that maize and blue uniform running into that same end zone. If that moment ever came, I would definitely remember his first moments running in the end zone. Even now, it brings a smile on my face.

It really was an incredible experience for our family to be there. We hope to do it again the next time we head back to Ohio.


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