1st Day of School

Still trying to catch up on blogging. I am now up to September. I have TWO kiddos in full time school. I must admit, it is fabulous!! Hannah and Ben are doing great in school. Ben received the Citizen of the Week the very first week of school! Everyone in Hannah’s class was evaluated for reading so that we, her parents, could start buying books according to her reading level. Found out that she is reading over a 3rd grade level. AWESOME! We are thinking about having Ben evaluated as well to see what kind of books to be buying him, since his birthday is right around the corner.

September also is a time for our church’s ministries to start back up. This year I decided to start going to Grace Women’s Bible Study. I have been apart of it before but just in babysitting for the nursery. I thought that now would be a great time since I am not pregnant or nursing or picking up a preschooler during the bible study. It is a great challenge for trying to find the time to work on the study, even though the study is broken up into five days of work, I find myself on a Wednesday night after small group trying to get it finished. However, God’s grace is sufficient and will continue to carry me through these busy times!


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