I have a serious problem. I might even label it as an addiction. I am fully addicted to…….recipes! There, I said it, I am so ashamed. I have been working on a project now for almost 5 months trying to wrangle up all of my 18 recipe books and combining them into 4 binders……well, 4 binders plus the cookbooks I don’t have the heart to cut recipes out of like Pioneer Woman.

Her pictures and stories are just too lovely.

This turned out to be a much bigger project than I anticipated! Right now it is just a big mess!

One would think that since I have such a big mess that I would steer clear of acquiring anymore recipes. WRONG! Ugh, I just can’t help myself. I can’t walk through a thrift store or Costco without passing through where they sell cookbooks. It is like there is some inner force that literally pulls me that direction, like a moth to a flame.

What is even worse is that recently I have smartened up and started checking out cookbooks from the library and going through marking the recipes that I want to copy down for my collection.

And so my collection just sits there and continues to grow. Most recipes I will probably never try, but I just can’t throw them out because I might want to try them someday….right?

If you are thinking to your self, it’s ok Bekah…..we have all been there. There is something else that you need to know.

My online collection is about 5 times bigger than my physical recipes. Holy cannoli!

mmmmmmmmmm……Cannoli’s! I need to find a good recipe for that!

Focus Bekah FOCUS!!

On my browser tool bar, I have a tab just for recipes. There are over 26 recipe sites bookmarked…….18 of them I subscribed to and are updated with recipes multiple times a day. Probably the biggest problem area of all is pinterest. Pinterest has a section labeled “Food and Drink” it literally has hundreds of thousands recipes posted by everyone and their mother. Each picture represents a recipe. Most “normal” people would simply repin the recipe and move on. Not me. I have to keep on clicking until I get to the original source which 99% of the time leads to a blog……not just any blog……a cooking blog full of recipes. And just like a habit, without even thinking about it, I click the “subscribe” button and add it instantly to my list of recipe sites. And so the cycle begins once again.

Is there any hope for someone like me? A 12 step program? “They” say that the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem………..Hello, my name is Bekah, and I am a recipe hoarder……….


One thought on “Addictions…..

  1. You are a nut but a cute nut. Oh and I have a great idea…. new house with a room you can make in to a library and 1/4 for the kids 1/4 for Curtis and a 1/4 for your normal books and then the last 1/4 for cookbooks. Oh and better than that a test kitchen to try all of the recipes you want to….

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