My six year old son is such a sweet boy. But he is also super silly. There has been multiple times wear he will say things and Curtis and I will look at each other in a quizzical way as if to say “Where does he come up with these things?” Seriously, you have no idea, well, at least not yet. I want to capture some of these so I can read them back to him when he gets older. So, here is the first installment of “Benisms” While walking into a freshly cleaned house. “Mom, it smells so shiny in here.” While looking at the stream in our back yard. “When you get baptized in the stream all of your sins drown” While snuggling up to me on the couch. “Mom, you are my favorite mom and I love you!.” “Ben, thank you, but I am your only mom” “No, you’re not, Eve was my first mom.” “Yes Ben, I guess you are right, I am glad that I am your favorite.” More to come…..


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