Apple Picking 2012

In my quest for canning I found a little apple orchard up in Ferndale, Washington where you could pick your own Jonagold apples at $.50 a pound!  In the effort of wanting the kids to understand and enjoy the process that we work for our food, I thought that picking the apples ourselves was a better option then going to a local fruit stand.

Look at these beauties!

Apple Creek Orchard was the perfect place to go.  It was extremely family friendly, had farm animals wandering around, they told us where the best untouched apples were and sent us off.  Their apple were beautiful!  All of their trees were dwarf trees and so even Isaac could reach and pick off the apples from the tree, of course having only one hand, we had to help him.

The kids really had such fun.  This is definitely going on our “traditions” list to do every year.

Apples to apples

We quickly picked about $60 worth of apples which equaled out to be around 160lbs, and headed back home.  That is a lot of apples!  And BONUS we took our Christmas card shot!

Yes, I am thinking of Christmas already…..making a list, checking it twice…..


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