Hannah, age 8

Way back in August, Hannah, my Hannah turned 8 years old.  EIGHT!!  In two short years she will be DOUBLE DIGITS!!  Craziness I know!  August and September are pretty busy in the Wentling household and I didn’t get around to do her birthday photo shoot.  That is until yesterday, yes, you read that right, yesterday, as in October 18.  Part of the delay besides being busy is that last year’s pictures were gorgeous!

How could I top this shot?

Never the less, I had to get them done.  There was no escaping it.  So, we set off to my mom’s house with multiple outfits to use.  By the way, my parents house is incredible for picture taking.  Lots of trees and an old wooden fence makes for the best backgrounds!

Just like I had feared, not the same magic as last year.


Now, don’t get me wrong, Hannah is beautiful, but sometimes I can’t get my camera to see what I am seeing in real life.  Still, we did get some good shots in.

Check out that attitude

!I love my Hannah Grace, she is so full of questions, always wanting to know why.  She loves her family and friends dearly, thrives on quality time with Curtis and I, and has a new love for her ipod!

check out those freckles!


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