The Hurricane….

aka the beast…….aka the hulk…….aka Isaac the terrible…..aka Isaac.
Isaac goes by many different names in our family and in our church.  All of his names indicate strength and power….sometimes uncontrollable power.  Many times I have prayed that God would grab a hold of his heart and that Isaac would joyfully submit his strength and power to the One that created him with strength and power.

This powerful force in our house is now two years old.  I will admit that I am pretty excited about Isaac turning two.  We are potentially one year away from being a diaper free household!!  Can any of you relate?  No diapers!!  Now, as soon as he is free of diapers, I would require all of my kids to stop growing and cherish them!

Anyways, all that to say… are Isaac’s birthday pictures.  He looks HUGE!!

Isaac’s fake smile

He looks like he is five here!

Although he is extremely difficult to deal with and he gets easily frustrated with not being able to do many things with his one hand, I still wouldn’t change a thing about him!


2 thoughts on “The Hurricane….

  1. Lord let the strength of your arms equip this little man with a heart similar to King David’s and aloow his parents to bring him up in Your example, he is a joy and let his joy again be submissive to Your Wisdom and Your path!!!

    Thank you Lord for this gift of Your Power and Strength, may Your Wisdom and Peace adorn him and his wonderful parents!!!

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