Ben Wentling, age 7

Ben turned 7 this past week. I tell ya, this kid is the sweetest little boy in the world! He is so gentle and kind, a hard worker, always has a great response if I ask him to do anything! I don’t want him to change! The more and more of his character that is shown, the more and more excited I get for his wife and kids!
We recently discovered that he also is his toughest critic. He had advanced to the school wide spelling bee this past month but ended up coming in fourth place for his grade. While he was still on stage waiting for the other kids to finish he didn’t cry, but when he stepped down to where I was sitting the tears started to roll. I took him out and told him just how proud we were that he had made it this far (after all, he did get 4th place out of 24 students), and that he had nothing to be ashamed of. He cried the way home, my heart was aching! Curtis reminded me that we cannot caudal him, we told him that we were proud and the rest he would have to deal with. When we arrived home, he took his ribbon and threw it in the trash!!! “Ben, why did you throw your ribbon away?” I asked. His reply really showed his heart, “I wasn’t the best, I don’t want it.” What?! Crazy kid! I told him to pull it back out because I wanted it! What a challenge, but what a joy as well.
I love this little man to death!


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